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No-nonsense skincare that works

We believe a little care and simple but efficient products go a long way. Our no-nonsense approach means we are ingredient minimalists – we like leaving stuff out rather than putting more in. Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated, but it has to work. That means we make products that don’t claim to do a million things, but always deliver on what they promise. Why settle for anything else?

Made for skin days

Skin is like hair, some days are good and some days are bad. That’s why our products are made for skin days rather than specific skin types. Climate, sleep, or lack of it, food, stress levels, hormones and a myriad of other factors can influence the appearance of skin, and so in terms of skin issues we've taken an approach that looks more to the life your are currently living than trying to typify your skin. Which is not to say specific skin types don't exist. We're just trying to point out that somedays dry, oily, combination or sensitive just may not cut it. Use the products you need, when you need them.

It starts with your skin

"Finding skincare for my extremely reactive skin was always a headache. With a wide range of skin issues that on top of everything else would often change from day to day, few products or treatments ever worked long term. So I got fed up, read everything I could find on skincare and cosmetic chemistry, and started making and using my own simple products. And gradually, my skin got better. Not flawless, but healthy, which I’ve come to appreciate much more. Now, in our own lab, our chemist Jaana and I have created the products I always needed, but could never find. I hope they work for you, too.”

Kristina, CEO and founder of Laponie of Scandinavia

Our Scandi roots

Laponie was a legendary 80s Finnish skincare brand, and we love the name so much we wanted to bring it back. It's also French for Lapland, the wild, northern part of Scandinavia. Here, nature is pushed to its very limits, rolling with the punches. For us, that's pretty no-nonsense.

Made with care

We never test our products on animals or use raw materials that are tested on animals. We strive to use as locally and sustainably sourced and produced ingredients as possible, and like working with partners we’ve actually met. For packaging, we predominantly use glass and aluminium, with the aim of minimising plastic. All our products are developed in our lab in Espoo, Finland and are made in Finland and in Sweden.

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