Do you need help with a certain skin issue or need help with caring for sensitive or problem skin? If you answered 'yes', now's your chance to take part in our test group. All you need to do is you send us your skin story, and we'll help you out with a bespoke routine.

We love getting feedback on our products, and that's why we want to give you the opportunity to be a part of our test group. Being a test group member means, that you'll be sent Laponie products that we select for your specific skin issue, that you use these products and then let us know how they worked for you.

To take part in the group also means that you consent to letting us use your skin story and results in our marketing. Please note, however, that we'll never publish your full name and will always make sure you are not recognisable in any pictures in any manner you do not wish to be.  

How the test group works:

1) Participants chosen for the test group submit a picture which clearly shows the starting point condition of their skin.

2) Participants receive a free, bespoke routine, which they start using.

3) After two weeks participants report back, give feedback on the products and submit a comparable picture which clearly shows the current condition of their skin.

4) The reported results and pictures will be used in Laponie's marketing. All pictures will be published in a format guaranteeing the level of anonymity participants wish to have, and participants shall have the right to check and approve the pictures before publishing. You'll find examples of previous tester group pictures here for reference.

Interested? Here's how to apply for our test group:

1) Send us an email to, use the subject 'test group' and describe the state of your skin in as detailed a manner as possible.

2) Remember to attach a picture of your skin. Instructions for skin pictures:

Take a clear and well-lit picture of your face, either as a head shot or showing your profile from the side. The pic must show the condition of your skin clearly, and the pic should not be edited in any way.

3) We'll select the particpants based on both the text description and picture. We'll contact the chosen test group participants via email with further instructions and practical details. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at!

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