Natural and vegan after sun care

Enjoy your summer and the sun, but be sure to avoid sun burn. If you do get too much of the good stuff, proper after sun skin care is essential. Our Toner Spray and All-Around Balm are great natural and vegan after sun options.

Go natural and vegan for after sun care with our Toner Spray and All-Around Balm. Both contain ingredients that hydrate, soothe and repair, combatting the drying effects of the sun.

The Toner Spray also goes well under sunscreen for extra hydration and you can use it as a summer skin fresh-up throughout the day. The toner contains natural ection, a true skin multitasker that moisturises, repairs and soothes. Tip: Store in the fridge for a cooling spritz.

Our award winning All-Around Balm is a preservative and fragrance free versatile product for the entire family. Bisabolol calms and oat oil softens the skin. It's also great on small scrapes and bumps, and stays in place thanks to its semi matte finish.

Too much sun dry out your skin? Layer the balm over the toner, as an overnight treatment mask – pat a small amount onto your face as your final skincare step before going to sleep.


Sometimes you get too much sun. The symptoms of a sun burn can be skin redness, skin feeling warm or hot, pain or itching, swelling, blisters and headache, fever and fatigue if the sunburn is severe.

If you do burn, it's good to take frequent cool showers or baths, or apply a cool cloth to the affected area.

Keep the area dry and if flaking occurs apply a moisturising and soothing product. For some, natural yoghurt works well. Here, our toner and balm make an excellent combo, too.

You may take some ibuprofen to reduce swelling, redness and pain. Remember to drink plenty of water, as a sunburn draws fluid to the skin’s surface and away from the rest of the body. If physical symptoms are severe and persist, see a doctor. If your skin blisters, allow the blisters to heal, and do not pop them. Be extra careful to protect sunburned skin as it heals; use protective clothing and stay out of the sun.

The sunburn care tips are provided by experienced skin therapist and trainer Jessica Delst from Rebel Helsinki.