Oats in skincare

Oats have many known health benefits when added to your diet. Oat kernel, or more specific oat kernel oil, is excellent also in skincare. It has a nearly 50/50 balance of oleic and linoleic acids and it both softens the skin and has some calming properties too.

We love the dark golden oil and our Face Cream, Face Oil and All-Around Balm all contain oat kernel oil. We source it from Fazer, a Finnish family-owned, 127-year-old food and food service company, who make their oil in Finland, using Finnish oats.

The Finnish-ness matters because the the soil in Finland produces outstanding quality oats and it is quite rare for an oil producer to have a 100% local supply chain. Markku, who is head of R&D at the oat mill in Lahti, tells us he has personally eaten all oat products that Fazer makes – including the oil.