When healthy becomes unhealthy

Cecilia Portnoj is a sociologist and nutritionist coaching in holistic wellness at  Lagom Health. She will guest The Edit every now and then and share her reflexions on different aspects of health. Here she tells her story on finding balance.

Have you ever had a phase in your life where you have been constantly obsessing about what you should and should not eat aiming for a healthy lifestyle? I have and I’ll gladly share my story with you. I would say that everything started with an innocent attempt to eat healthier.

As a young girl, it was very important for me to perform well in everything. My approach to wellbeing was based on external factors and I examined my health with the wrong motives. I was more interested in which jeans size fit me than how my metabolism, skin, lymphatic system and gut bacteria were doing. This lead to a situation where eating healthy became unhealthy. I suffered from constant ear infections and flus, got a stomach ulcer and allergies (hello skin issues). Not to mention the constant stress that I felt when trying to pursue a super healthy lifestyle with no mercy.

At some point I was smart enough to notice that inflexible self-discipline and a continuous chase after a balanced and flawless bliss didn’t work for me. This narrow-minded mindset actually made me feel even more stressed out and it didn’t actually support my wellbeing. That’s why I chose to try the opposite. To be present in all my moments, whether they are 'good' or 'bad'. The trick was to introduce some rituals of being self-compassionate and to get to a friendly state with food and your body. It is smart to be reasonable, and not over-do things.

When it comes to self care, I would say that the most important trick is to focus on changing your daily routine by both adding new and breaking old habits. Ask yourself what your body and mind need today.

This is what works for me:
1. stay hydrated
2. eat a balanced diet
3. sleep
4. exercise
5. feed your skin (you need to feed your largest organ from the inside and the outside!)

Instead of striving for constant perfection, shouldn’t we just feel beautiful in our own skin?

- Cecilia-

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