Laponie partner Wolf & Badger

Meet our newest retail partner, Wolf & Badger. Originally born in London, today Wolf & Badger is a global platform for sustainably and ethically produced jewellery, fashion, accessories, homeware and beauty - always focusing on quality and design. Read on about our partnership!

What does W&B offer today’s discerning consumer? 

A curated and focussed product line-up from the most exciting independent brands worldwide.

How do you make your product/brand selection?

We are always on the lookout for brands that fit our ethos and design aesthetic. We are very selective and only bring on a brand if we are confident it is what our customers want.

What do you offer in the beauty segment?

We sell a wide variety of beauty and grooming products, but they are all independently owned and run, produce their line ethically and are sustainable in their outlook and process.

Why did Laponie catch your attention?

It is a very focussed and considered product line up, beautifully packaged and the ethos of the brand aligns closely with that of Wolf & Badger. we are delighted to be working with them.

What are the biggest trends within sustainable/ethical lifestyle as a segment?

The biggest trends are, sustainability across all verticals and an increased awareness of environmental and social impact as well as movement toward slower and more considered consumption.