Ingredients: Betaine

Ingredients: Betaine

Betaine is highly purified sugar beet extract and chemically speaking an amino acid derivative. In skincare it hydrates and conditions skin.

Betaine maintains the skin's moisture balance and strengthens the skin barrier even under very dry (environmental) conditions. It is a natural osmoprotectant, i.e. an osmolyte, that protects cells from environmental stress like oxidative (UV radiation) and thermal stress (dehydration) by controlling cell water balance. 100% bio-based, betaine naturally occurs in plants and animals. The one we use in our Gel Cleanser is made from Finnish sugar beets.

Purifying & non-drying face wash
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Gentle Gel Cleanser
All you need for sensitive, oily/combination skin
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Contains: All-Around Balm, Face Cream, Softening Face Oil, Balancing Essence Mist & Gentle Gel Cleanser
Complete Routine for Sensitive & Problem Skin: Oily/Combination Skin
Meet our chemist Jaana

Meet our chemist Jaana

Cosmetic chemist Jaana Ailus is Head of R&D at Laponie of Scandinavia and the one in charge of product development in our laboratory in Otaniemi, Finland.

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