Laponie was a legendary 80s Finnish skincare brand, and we love the name so much we wanted to bring it back. It's also French for Lapland, the wild, northern part of Scandinavia. Here nature is pushed to its very limits, rolling with the punches. For us, that's pretty no-nonsense.

For us, skin is like hair - some days are good and some days are bad. That’s why our products are made for what we call skin days rather than just specific skin types. Climate, sleep, or lack of it, food, stress levels, hormones and a myriad of other factors can influence the appearance of skin from day to day, and so in terms of skin issues we've taken an approach that looks more to the life your are currently living than trying to typify your skin. Which is not to say specific skin types don't exist. We're just trying to point out that somedays dry, oily, combination or sensitive just may not cut it.

In what way are your products suitable for sensitive and problem skin?

As ex-problem-skinned individuals who still suffer from sensitive and reactive skin, our chemist Jaana and founder Kristina put a lot of effort into researching and testing ingredients - and products. What the ladies make in the lab, they always test on themselves for an extensive time, sometimes for years. We use classic raw materials that are known to not upset skin, but are always on the look-out for new ingredients that can alleviate sensitive and problem skin. We never add fragrance to our products, as fragrance components may cause reactions on sensitive skin. We take care to use ingredients which are not know to clog pores (although we do not claim to have non-comedogenic products, as this label is not a scientific fact). We also put a lot of effort into creating gentle preservative systems for our products, and take extra care with leave-ons, aiming to avoid overlap. The pH values of our products are set at 5-5.5, i.e. close to what is considered an optimal surface pH for skin.      

Not sure if you have sensitive skin? Check out this blog by dermatologist and MD Marika Schröder for more information. Want to know more about skin problems like acne and rosacea? Read what Dr Schröder has to say about these here

Our products are made in Finland and in Sweden. All our products are developed in our lab in Espoo, Finland.

Veganism is a hard limit for us, and at the moment we use only plant-based ingredients. We go for quality, safety, proven results and sustainability, be they in natural or synthetic form. Natural or organic is not necessarily better or safer than synthetic; many natural, especially organic, ingredients contain e.g. fragrance components that can irritate sensitive skin. Conversely, we know that some synthetic raw materials may not be sustainable. What ultimately drives our choice is how our own skins react - we test everything on ourselves and consumer panels.

Can I use Laponie products on my kids?

Yes. Our All-Around Balm is well suited for kids from age two and up. Remember to patch test.

Our Face Oil and All-Around Balm are fragrance-free. Our Cleansers, our Toner Spray and Face Cream contain no added fragrance.

Yes, our products are safe to use during pregnancy and when breastfeeding. Please not, that both our Face Oil and our All-Around Balm contain high amounts of argan oil. If you are allergic to nuts, you should always consult your doctor and patch test before using these products.

Yes, all our products are gluten-free.

Yes, all our products are vegan.

Both our Face Oil and our All-Around Balm contain high amounts of argan oil. If you are allergic to nuts, you should always consult your doctor and patch test before using these products.

We strive to use as locally and sustainably sourced and produced raw materials as possible. We always aim to optimise quality, safety, proven results and sustainability, regardless of natural or synthetic origin. We source primarily from Europe. Our argan oil is sourced from Morocco and the bisabolol we use is from Brazil. Our liquorice root comes from Japan and the giant kelp from South America and is extracted in France.

No, we never test our products on animals or use raw materials that are tested on animals. This is the law in the EU.

Yes. For packaging, we use glass with rubber and/or plastic details (caps and droppers) and aluminium with plastic details (caps). Our labels are made of plastic. Our outer packs are made of cardboard.

If you are unsure which product to choose or how to use a product, please drop us an email at customercare@laponieskincare.com. We are happy to help!

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