Ingredients: Poppy seed oil

Ingredients: Poppy seed oil

Poppy seed oil has excellent skin barrier recovery properties, and is especially suitable for sensitive skin. The oil is obtained by lightly pressing the seeds of the White Poppy.

Poppy seed oil is a virgin plant oil containing sterols and Vitamin E, and with a high linoleic acid content. The oil we use is a 100% UK product, fully traceable and with a sustainable supply chain: the oil is a pharmaceutical byproduct. Our chemist Jaana has actually met the guy living next to the field of poppies from which the oil is harvested by a 5th generation family farm.

You'll find poppy seed oil in our Face Cream.  

Light Face Cream

Moisturising light gel-cream for combination and oily skin
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Light Face Cream
Great for POD and rosacea!
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Contains: Mild Milk Cleanser & Light Face Cream
Simple Routine for Dry/Combination Skin
Dr Schröder: Perioral dermatitis (POD) 101

Dr Schröder: Perioral dermatitis (POD) 101

Red spots around your mouth, nose and eyes - but they don't respond to acne treatments? Skin feeling sore and hot - but heavy creams only make it worse? We sat down with dermatology specialist and MD Marika Schröder to get the 101 on perioral dermatitis, or POD, a common but relatively unknown skin disease.

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