Jaana & Atopic skin

Jaana & Atopic skin

Atopic dermatitis, atopy, is one of the most common skin diseases in the Nordic countries and finding efficient but gentle skincare products is often a challenge. Here, our customer Jaana shares her story about sensitive skin and atopy, and how she has gotten help from Laponie's products.

"I think I am one of those people who’s always had sensitive skin. In general my skin has always been dry all-around, and thin and surface-dry especially on the face, and prone to clogging and pimples. But before getting pregnant there haven’t been any bigger issues except occasional dryness and pimples (but nothing major or acne). During my pregnancy though my atopy erupted in the facial area, starting from the upper eyelids and around the mouth and spreading to the lower eyelids, chin, neck and forehead and scalp within a few months. Basically, I had an atopic rash all over my face except on the cheeks. I went to see a doctor and got an atopy diagnosis. At this point I left out makeup. My skin got really bad really quickly, and I could only sleep with a wet gauze on my face. Otherwise the itching and stinging was too much.  

Nothing but your products worked for me (with the exception of Vaseline, which didn’t sting). The Face Cream, Face Oil and the All-Around Balm didn’t sting, so in the summer of 2019 I started using only your products. The Balancing Essence did sting when my atopy was at its worst. In the end of 2019, after giving birth, my skin calmed down, and I was doing mainly maintenance in terms of skincare. After that, I had no big issues until a couple of weeks ago, when my skin flared up in just a week; first there was a bit of dryness, and in less than a week I had a full outbreak especially around the eyes. My skin became red, it stung, itched and was swollen, and my eyelids were slightly oozy. The trigger I think was a scented laundry detergent. I stopped using all other products and started using only yours several times a day. My skin was normalized in less than a day, so quite fast. Now I use only your products on my face, and from time to time Orion’s Probicare elsewhere and also on my face, when I’ve needed something a bit more hydrating.

For my worst symptoms I use the All-Around Balm. When my skin is dry or in atopy mode, I use the Essence, the Oil and this fall the Calming Serum, and the Face Cream. I always have the Balm with me and apply tens of times a day. At home I use the Essence throughout the day. Especially on my dry under eye area and lips the Balm is a must, and won’t leave home without it. I also think the Calming Serum has helped calm my skin. I’ve used it all around the eye, without any stinging.   

I’m really excited about your products and company, and really hope that Laponie's products find their client."

Thank you Jaana so much for sharing your story. We’re so very happy to help out!

Soothing & protecting skin balm with Fazer oat oil
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Anti-irritation Set for Dry Skin
Dr Schröder: Atopic dermatitis 101

Dr Schröder: Atopic dermatitis 101

Atopic eczema is a chronic skin disease which is very common especially in the Northern countries.

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