Laponie packaging: Focus on glass and aluminium

Our packaging philosophy is fairly simple - we prioritise practical design and recyclable materials. That's why we opt for 100 ml or less when it comes to size, and aluminium and glass, with a minimum of plastic, for materials.

All our product packaging can be recycled. We pack our Toner Spray, Face Oil and All-Around Balm in light protective violet glass with rubber and/or plastic details (caps and droppers).

The Milk Cleanser, Gel Cleanser and Face Cream tubes are made of aluminum with small plastic caps. Our outer packs are made of cardboard and used when needed for transport.

To minimise waste, the aluminum tubes can be rolled down to squeeze out our every last drop of the product. All our products are a maximum of 100 ml, making the Core line great for travel, too - no need to refill bottles, just bring your products on board! We've also made sure that the entire Core line (with one cleanser) will fit into the standard sized plastic bag required for carry on air plane travel. Our founder Kristina has pic proof of fitting five products, along with her favourite shampoo and deodorant, into the much dreaded bag.

The abstract elements on our packaging come from a unique piece of art, created for us by talented Helsinki-based illustrator and designer Aino-Maija Metsola. With a particular interest in colour, Aino-Maija creates bold but subtle images using a diverse selection of techniques, from water colour to ink, markers and gouache. Read more about the artwork here.