Nutritional therapist Sonia's 5 foods for healthy skin

Nutritional therapist Sonia's 5 foods for healthy skin

Especially during winter many of us struggle with dry and irritated skin, and there are days when no amount of creams or oils seem to get the job done. Rather than just add some more topical care, it’s a great idea to care for tight and tired skin from the inside as well, with the right kind of food. Read on for nutritional therapist Sonia's take on how to eat for healthy skin.     

A varied, balanced and regular diet has a snowball-like effect on our well-being. Eating well has physiological benefits, controls stress, improves sleep and is an incomparable mood-lifter. Our skin is our body’s biggest organ, and how we care for it both externally and internally affects our appearance.   

A skin-friendly diet consists of moderate amounts of good proteins, fibre, an appropriate amount of fats, fresh vegetables, fruits and berries. These foods are high in amino acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components that improve e.g. the metabolism of skin cells and help protect skin from environmental pollutants.          

What are the top 5 skin foods for healthy skin?

Green vegetables such as broccoli, sprouts and kale, spinach and dark green salads contain a lot of vitamin A and K, which are important for protecting and supporting cell renewal. Vitamin A in particular is particularly beneficial for acne, while vitamin K improves skin’s micro circulation. Green vegetables are also high on zinc and zeaxanthan, and a daily green juice is great for soothing irritated and dry skin, and balancing out skintone. 

Salmon is high in omega 3, which has a significant effect on skin well-being. Fatty acids improve skin’s collagen production, which is important for skin elasticity, and also hydration, keeping skin clear. With an optimal fatty balance, skin also looks and feels smoother.    

The good fats and vitamin E in avocado are building blocks for an optimal cellular metabolism. A regular intake of these hydrate all layers of skin, making it more supple and smooth.                

Green tea is high in polyphenol, an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits. It’s beneficial for acne and improves scar tissue. Green tea also contains vitamin K, which can help brighten under-eye skin.

Nuts and seeds (not peanuts) contain good fatty acids, zinc and protein, and are a real super food to nourish skin, helping it heal. Small spots, eczema and scars (from e.g. acne) benefit from the body having proper nutrition to renew skin.   

Finnish-born nutritional therapist Sonia Wahlroos is the founder and CEO of UK based Nordic Nutritionist, which offers a wide range of nutritionist services. Sonia specialises in women’s health, fertility and weight issues. She doesn’t like to dwell on calories, carbs, fats, proteins or to create lists of restrictions of good and bad foods, but prefers working with clients to create a roadmap to their health, with a top-to-toe approach. All Sonia’s dietary programs are based on seasonal eating, with an emphasis on good-quality ingredients and simple cooking methods.

Sonia is member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutrition Therapy (BANT) and the Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). 

Visit for more info and bookings. Sonia consults online in Finnish and English.

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