Products for: Atopic skin

Atopic dermatitis, also known as atopic eczema, is an itching and chronic skin disease, that is very common in the Northern countries. It is characterised by dry, itchy and inflamed skin on areas such as the face (eyelids are often involved), neck, trunk and extremities (especially at the flexure areas). It is really common in kids but can occur at any age. Read what MD Maria Schröder has to say about atopic dermatitis in our blog and check out our customer Jaana's skin story about atopic skin here

In terms of skincare, it's important to moisturise dry skin properly and avoid soap and other drying agents such as alcohol. For moisturisers, heavier ointments , salves and balms with higher oil content may be more effective than thin lotions. For all types of skincare products, mildly fragranced or fragrance-free may also be a less irritating option.      

We've picked our favourite products for atopic skin below.

Always consult a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis. 

  • Gentle cleansing oil
    Regular price 419 SEK
    Sale price 419 SEK
    Nourishing Oil Cleanser
  • Hydrating & soothing mist
    Regular price 326 SEK
    Sale price 326 SEK
    Balancing Essence Mist
  • Face Oil

    Nourishing & softening face oil
    Regular price 512 SEK
    Sale price 512 SEK
    Face Oil
  • Soothing & protecting skin balm
    Regular price 245 SEK
    Sale price 245 SEK
    All-Around Balm
  • Deeply hydrating and nourishing hand cream
    Regular price 186 SEK
    Sale price 186 SEK
    Hand Cream Concentrate
  • All you need for dry, sensitive skin
    Regular price 1 302 SEK
    Sale price 1 302 SEK
    (Save 337 kr)
    Contains: All-Around Balm, Face Cream, Face Oil, Balancing Essence Mist & Mild Milk Cleanser
    Complete Routine for Sensitive & Problem Skin: Dry Skin
  • SOS care for dry, sensitive skin
    Regular price 698 SEK
    Sale price 698 SEK
    (Save 302 kr)
    Contains: All-Around Balm, Calming Serum & Balancing Essence Mist
    Anti-irritation Set for Dry Skin
  • Repair your barrier with this 3-step-solution!
    Regular price 779 SEK
    Sale price 779 SEK
    (Save 197 kr)
    Contains: Balancing Essence Mist, 2-in-1 Hydrating Face Mask & Cream & All-Around Balm
    Skin Barrier Repairing Set for Very Dry/Damaged Skin
  • With Calming Serum & All-around Balm
    Regular price 558 SEK
    Sale price 558 SEK
    (Save 116 kr)
    Contains: All-Around Balm & Calming Serum
    Repairing & Renewing Set for Sensitive & Problem Skin
  • The perfect trio to tackle the colder season.
    Regular price 1 000 SEK
    Sale price 1 000 SEK
    (Save 255 kr)
    Contains: Nourishing Oil Cleanser, Balancing Essence Mist & Face Oil
    3-Step Routine for Dry Reactive Skin