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Red spots around your mouth, nose and eyes - but they don't respond to acne treatments? Skin feeling sore and hot - but heavy creams only make it worse? Chances are it's POD.

Perioral dermatitis (POD) is a skin disorder which can visually resemble acne, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis and other forms of dermatitis. In most cases POD involves tiny red bumps on the lower half of the face, in the folds of the nose and around the mouth. Other symptoms may include a burning feeling around the mouth. Bumps around the mouth may also be filled with fluid or pus and may also appear around the eyes, nose, or on the forehead. Read what MD Marika Schröder has to say about POD in our blog - and check out our customers Päivi's and Johanna's skinstories about POD.

When treating symptoms of POD, opt for a gentle, oil-free cleanser (like our Gel Cleanser), a soothing oil-free serum and a light and soothing moisturiser. If the POD is very inflamed, it's best to avoid oils in any form for a few days. Avoid all kinds of exfoliants.

Our tip for dry skin: if your skin is very dry, you can try our Milk Cleanser for cleansing instead and instead of the Face Cream apply the tiniest amount of Face Oil over the Essence or the Calming Serum. 

We've selected our favourite POD products below.

Always consult a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis. 

  • Purifying, non-drying gel cleanser
    Regular price 209 SEK
    Sale price 209 SEK
    Gentle Gel Cleanser
  • Gentle cleansing milk
    Regular price 209 SEK
    Sale price 209 SEK
    Mild Milk Cleanser
  • Hydrating & soothing mist
    Regular price 325 SEK
    Sale price 325 SEK
    Balancing Essence Mist
  • Hydrating & soothing essence
    Regular price 487 SEK
    Sale price 487 SEK
    Balancing Essence Refill
  • Calming Serum

    Irritation & redness
    Regular price 453 SEK
    Sale price 453 SEK
    Calming Serum
  • Face Cream

    Moisturising light gel-cream
    Regular price 372 SEK
    Sale price 372 SEK
    Face Cream
  • Our tip: Great for teenage skin, too!
    Regular price 487 SEK
    Sale price 487 SEK
    (Save 93 kr)
    Contains: Face Cream & Gentle Gel Cleanser
    Simple Set for Oily Skin - Laponie of Scandinavia
  • 2-step routine with our best-selling Milk Cleanser & Face Cream
    Regular price 487 SEK
    Sale price 487 SEK
    (Save 93 kr)
    Contains: Face Cream & Mild Milk Cleanser
    Simple Set for Dry Skin - Laponie of Scandinavia
  • Face Oil

    Nourishing & softening face oil
    Regular price 511 SEK
    Sale price 511 SEK
    Face Oil
  • The go-to routine for skin that needs re-balancing.
    Regular price 835 SEK
    Sale price 835 SEK
    (Save 209 kr)
    Contains: Face Oil, Balancing Essence Mist & Mild Milk Cleanser
    3-step Routine for sensitised/reactive skin
  • Hate face creams? Try this!
    Regular price 696 SEK
    Sale price 696 SEK
    (Save 139 kr)
    Contains: Face Oil & Balancing Essence Mist
    Hydrating & Nourishing Set with Essence & Oil for sensitised/reactive skin
  • With Calming Serum & Face Cream
    Regular price 673 SEK
    Sale price 673 SEK
    (Save 151 kr)
    Contains: Calming Serum & Face Cream
    Skin soothing & hydrating set
  • 3-step routine for dry, sensitive skin
    Regular price 835 SEK
    Sale price 835 SEK
    (Save 197 kr)
    Contains: Mild Milk Cleanser, Calming Serum & Face Cream
    Calming Routine for Dry Skin