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Balancing Essence Refill

Hydrating & soothing essence

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Same stuff and packaging - new name!

We love feedback from you guys, and as a result, may we present: the Balancing Essence Refill, formerly known as the Face Toner Refill. Many of you said the name just did not describe what it did - so we changed it.

Our much-loved, hydrating and calming Balanxcng Essence in a 150 ml refill size! This time we packed it in plastic, as a glass bottle in this size would have been fragile to use and heavy to ship. The Balancing Essence balances, hydrates, soothes and conditions sensitive and problem skin, with multitasking, natural ectoin, smoothing sea kelp extract and calming liquorice root

Formulated for sensitive & problem skin. No added fragrance. Vegan & natural ingredients. Developed in our own Helsinki lab & made in Finland.

Ingredients (INCI)

Aqua, ectoin, glycerin, sodium levulinate, potassium sorbate, dehydroacetic acid, macrocystis pyrifera extract, dipotassium glyhyrrhizate, p-anisic acid. More info

How to use & tips

  1. Transfer to your 50 ml Balancing Essence bottle or apply to clean skin, using your (clean) fingers or cotton pads.
  • Tip 1: The refill is great when you like layering as a part of your routine.
  • Tip 2: Try soaking our re-usable cotton pads in a bit of Balancing Essence and treat irritated ares like you would with a sheet mask - but without extra waste.

Why it works for sensitive & problem skin

  • We've used a minimum of ingredients - only nine go into the Essence. Less ingredients mean less irritation. 
  • Formulated without added fragrance and without alcohol.
  • Formulated with a skin-friendly preservative system. This means gentle stuff - primarily organic acids and their salts - and also that we've created a unique system for the Essence, to minimise overlap with other leave-on products and minimise the risk of sensitising skin. 
  • Ectoin is a true multi-tasker for sensitive and problem skin: its benefits include long-term hydration, diminished skin roughness, skin barrier repair and anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties. Liquorice root improves the appearance improves the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness, and possesses anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties.   
  • The Essence's pH is around 5.5, and adjusted with mild anisic acid from star anise (healthy skin's own pH is slightly acidic, between 4.8 and 5.5). 
  • The Essence has been rigorously tested by our founder Kristina and chemist Jaana, both of whom have a long history of sensitive and problem skin. 


Bottle and label made of PE. 

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Solvent. Water. The main vehicle for our Balancing Essence.


Skin conditioning. Ectoin is a powerful, small, multi-tasking and natural stress-protection molecule, a so-called extremolyte. From a chemical point of view, it is a cyclic amino acid derivate. Extremolytes protect extremophilic microorganisms and plants from the extreme conditions of their habitats like salt lakes, hot springs, permanent ice or deserts. The properties of ectoin have been proven by various in-vivo studies: its benefits include long-term moisturisation, diminished skin roughness, skin barrier repair and anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties. We get ours from a lovely little company in Germany, where it is produced through biotechnological fermentation from a specific, non-GMO strain of the halophilic bacteria Halomonas elongata.


Humectant and skin protecting. Technically a sugar alcohol, glycerin is one of the oldest, most common and most versatile humectants used in cosmetics. In our toner, it constitutes the solvent for the giant kelp extract we use. Glycerin moisturises and protects the skin, accelerates skin barrier recovery and has anti-microbial properties, among other things. This particular variety is made from European rapeseed.


Skin conditioning and preservative. Sodium levulinate is the sodium salt of levulinic acid, which is an organic acid derived from in this case sugarcane. Together with potassium sorbate, dehydroacetic acid and p-anisic acid it makes up the preservative system in our Essence.


Preservative. Potassium sorbate is widely used in a variety of foods and personal care products. It works by inhibiting the growth of molds, yeasts and bacteria to preserve the freshness and quality of foods, beverages, or cosmetic products. Potassium sorbate is the potassium salt of sorbic acid, which is naturally occurring in some berries, although virtually all of the world's production of sorbic acid, as well as potassium sorbate, is manufactured synthetically. Together with sodium levulinate, dehydroacetic acid and p-anisic acid it makes up the preservative system in our toner.


Preservative. Dehydroacetic acid is chemically synthesized through a multi-step reaction, starting with acetylene. Although it is not plant derived, it is approved by natural certification institutes such as COSMOS thanks to its mildness to the skin and body, as well as the absence of any alternative registered (approved) natural preservatives under the EU cosmetic regulation. Together with potassium sorbate, sodium levulinate and p-anisic acid it makes up the preservative system in our Essence.


Skin conditioning. Giant kelp. Macrocystis pyrifera is a species of kelp, and is one of the fastest growing organisms on Earth. It smooths and hydrates skin, with some studies indicating it has the ability to improve collagen synthesis and maintain skin elasticity. The kelp we use comes from South America.


Humectant and skin conditioning. Another skincare multi-tasker, dipotassium glycyrrhizate is the dipotassium salt of glycyrrhizic acid derived from liquorice root. It improves the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness, and possesses anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies also suggest it inhibits the skin’s tyrosinase activity and melanin production, making it an agent against hyperpigmentation. And if that’s not enough, further studies have demonstrated that the salt aids in reducing the redness and irritation associated with rosacea, psoriasis and acne. This one is made in Japan.


Masking. Star anise derived, mild and skin friendly organic acid. We use it to boost our preservation system and also to regulate the pH of our toner. It also exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. Together with sodium levulinate, potassium sorbate and dehydroacetic acid it makes up the preservative system in our Essence.

Ingredients: Ectoin

From our blog

Ingredients: Ectoin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Ihana suihke tasaisella sumutteella, muutama suihkaus riittää koko kasvoille. Täyttöpullo on todella kätevä ja edullinen ja riittää hyvin kolmeen täyttökertaan.

Hellivä hoitovesi

Hoitovesi tuntuu viilentävän ja rauhoittavan välillä kutisevaa akneihoani (aikuisiän akne 40v). Iso pakkauskoko on ehdoton, koska tätä on ilo kerrostaa iholle. Mikään tässä tuotteessa ei ärsytä ihoani, tuntuu lempeältä ja kosteuttavalta.

Rauhoittava kasvovesi

Ihoni on ollut tänä talvena erityisen hankala (Pod, couperosa, hormonaalinen akne), mutta tämä kasvovesi rauhoitti ihoni. Suihkuttelen runsaasti aamuin illoin ja sipaisen face oilia päälle ja avot! Nyt on nassu pehmoinen ja rauhallinen.

Paras kasvovesi

Parhaiten herkälle ja kuivalle iholle sopiva kasvovesi, mitä olen päässyt kokeilemaan! Plussaa siitä, että hajusteeton.

Ana P.
Love it!

It really clears your skin and leaves it hydrated (as much as toner can). You do need cream i.e. product you use on top of a toner, but sometimes, if my skin is good enough, I don’t use anything else - that is during the warm hot days, of course :) (fyi: I have normal to dry skin. 40 years old). I do recommend this product, as it calms and evens your skin tone.

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