Bisabolol is the soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agent in our All-Around Balm.

It's a colorless viscous oil that is the main constituent of German chamomile essential oil. The bisabolol we use is organic, and produced not from chamomille but from the South American Candeia tree, and contains no farnesol, a potential fragrance allergen.

Our All-Around Balm is a waterless, conditioning and protective multi-purpose balm that can be used for chapped lips, dry cuticles, small scrapes, bumps and spots, protection from the elements, your entire face - anywhere you need some extra soothing, softening or protective care.

The balm can be used on its own or layered over serums, oils, creams etc. It works well under makeup and is great on kids, too.

Tip: give cheeks a bit of glow by patting a small amount over your blusher.