Laponie user stories: Catta & POD

Laponie user stories: Catta & POD

When you're struggling with skin issues, it's easy to feel like you’re the only person in the world with that specific problem. We want to remind you that you’re not alone! In a new series, we’re sharing the stories of people who have struggled with skin issues and survived. Today, we’re sharing the story of Laopnie user and POD-sufferer Catta.

In the summer of 2017, my skin started acting up in a strange way. I was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis, of which I’d never even heard, and was given a medicinal cream which only made my symptoms worse. I specifically remember being on my way to a music festival and almost feeling like crying, as my skin was in such horrible shape. I felt like a toad, with my red spots. 

I started reading up on POD and changed my skincare routines. I was used to treating my adult acne with drying products and my atopic skin with hydrocortisone, but these did not work at all for POD. On the contrary they just made it worse. The fact that there was no clear cause for my POD was also a challenge: I had had a very stressful year, hormonal imbalance and on top of everything else while on holiday used an expired face cream, which caused a strong reaction on my face. So check, check and check! I also thought that the sun was good for my skin, and never used sunscreen on my face. Big mistake!

I first switched completely to natural skincare, which was foreign territory for me. My skin therapist introduced me to Laponie and its founder Kristina, and after talking to her I felt I wasn’t alone with POD. Laponie’s products were pretty much made for me, because Kristina also knew what it was like to struggle with POD. I started out with the Face Oil (before this, I had been very skeptical to using oil) and the All-Around Balm and was happy every time a new product was launched. Now, I use pretty much every product in the series!

Treating POD is a slow process and requires patience. A year later my skin was finally in pretty good shape and it felt amazing! It was shocking to look at pictures from a year back, as I had almost forgotten the shape my skin had been in and how strongly it had impacted my self-esteem.

Apparently, you’re never completely rid of POD, as it pops up again from time to time. On the other hand, it’s also a reminder to maybe again consider lifestyle changes and e.g. slow down. But at least I have my go-to products ready, and that in itself calms me down."

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