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Clarifying Serum

Impurities & oiliness

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Our Clarifying Serum is an anti-microbial and sebum-regulating gel-serum that purifies sensitive and problem skin and fights pimples and inflammation - without drying.

We put in anti-bacterial, plant-based xylitol sugar and our favourite multi-tasking ectoin for a healthy skin barrier and to prevent dryness. Swedish algae-derived silica absorbs impurities from skin while adding hydration, and anti-inflammatory zinc and copper PCA balance out sebum production. Great for alleviating symptoms of acne, seborrhea and malassezia-induced acne (fungal) - the gentle way.

Formulated for sensitive & problem skin. Fragrance-free. Vegan & natural ingredients. Developed in our own Helsinki lab & made in Finland.

Ingredients (INCI)

Aqua, propanediol, ectoin, zinc pca, xanthan gum, acacia senegal gum, xylitol, copper pca, silica, citric acid. More info

How to use & tips

  1. With sweeping motions apply sparingly to cleansed skin before oils and creams, before or after any toner. Can be used locally or on the entire face. Applying too much will cause product to pill.
  • Tip 1: Use under or mixed with our Face Cream for the ultimate treat + care routine for acne-prone and congested skin.
  • Tip 2: Excellent for alleviating symptoms of acne, seborrhea and malassezia-induced acne (fungal).

Why it works for sensitive & problem skin

  • We've used a minimum of ingredients - only ten go into the Clarifying Serum. 
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Formulated without alcohol. 
  • Formulated without added preservatives. Because of the high level of anti-microbials in the product, our chemist Jaana pulled off a formula without any added preservatives - the Clarifying Serum is entirely self-preserving.
  • By combining gentle anti-microbials with impurity-absorbing silica in an oil-free but hydrating base we created a formula that truly works on spots without destroying the rest of your face.
  • The Clarifying Serum's pH around 5 (healthy skin's own pH is slightly acidic, between 4.8 and 5.5). 
  • The Clarifying Serum has been rigorously tested by our founder Kristina and chemist Jaana, both of whom have a long history of sensitive and problem skin. The Clarifying Serum was also put through a lengthy trial with our sensitive and problem-skinned customers. 


Bottle made of light-protective violet glass, pump made of PP, PE, POM C, silicone and stainless steel, and outerpack made of cardboard. 

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Awards: BSA Editor's Choice 2021Awards: FFSA Finalist 2021


Ingredients close-up

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Solvent. Water. The main vehicle for our Clarifying Serum.


Solvent and humectant. Apart from being an excellent, non-irritating solvent, the glycol propanediol has excellent hydrating and preservative boosting properties. The one we use is made from fermentation of glucose, from corn.


Skin conditioning. Ectoin is a powerful, small, multi-tasking and natural stress-protection molecule, a so-called extremolyte. From a chemical point of view, it is a cyclic amino acid derivate. Extremolytes protect extremophilic microorganisms and plants from the extreme conditions of their habitats like salt lakes, hot springs, permanent ice or deserts. The properties of ectoin have been proven by various in-vivo studies: its benefits include long-term moisturisation, diminished skin roughness, skin barrier repair and anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties. We get ours from a lovely company in Germany, where it is produced through biotechnological fermentation from a specific, non-GMO strain of the halophilic bacteria Halomonas elongata.


Humectant and skin conditioning. Zinc PCA regulates sebum production, reinforces the skin's barrier function and together with Copper PCA fights pimples. The zinc salt of L-Pyrrolidone Carboxylic acid or L-PCA. L-PCA is obtained by the cyclization of L-glutamic acid, amino-acid from vegetal origin.


Thickening, gel forming and stabilising. A natural and commonly used mainly thickener and gelling agent in cosmetics, xanthan gum is a polysaccharide produced through bacterial fermentation of pure culture Xanthomonas Campestris with protein and carbohydrate sources, in this case from soy or corn. Together with acacia senegal gum, it makes up the gel base for our Clarifying Serum.


Film forming. Also known as gum arabic, acacia gum is a natural gum consisting of the hardened sap of two species of the acacia tree. In cosmetics, acacia gum is used for it's ability to create less stringy, or slimy and sticky, gels. The acacia gum we use is ethically and sustainably handpicked in Africa, and is a 100% renewable raw material.


Humectant and skin conditioning. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol and moisturises and conditions skin, whilst possessing anti-bacterial properties. There is some interesting research that suggests xylitol has the ability to inhibit bacterial biofilm on skin, which in turn may be the cause of many skin issues. The one we use is made in Finland from European hardwood.


Humectant and skin conditioning. Copper PCA is also antimicrobial, astringent, sebum regulating and fights impurities. The copper salt of L-Pyrrolidone Carboxylic acid or L-PCA is obtained by the cyclization of L-glutamic acid, amino-acid from vegetal origin. Gives the product a slight blueish colour.


Absorbent. Mesoporous silica, trade named Algica, from Swedish algae, that absorbs impurities and bacteria. Improves skin's moisture retention by its ability to bind water, in a manner similar to hyaluronic acid.


Buffering agent. Citric acid is a commonly used buffering, i.e. pH adjusting, agent in cosmetics. The appropriate pH is vital for a product's preservative system to work, but also to guarantee its skin-friendliness. Citric acid is made through bacterial fermentation and shifts the pH of the product into the acidic range. This is closer to the natural pH of the skin, which may range from 4 to 7, but is usually thought to be between 5 and 6, with recent studies, however, indicating it to be below 5.

Laponie user stories: Hanna & Acne

From our blog

Laponie was created to tackle our founder Kristina's sensitive and problem skin issues, and our mission is to help you sort out your skin. We asked our customers to tell us their stories, and how our products have helped them. Here's Hanna's skin story about acne and how our Clarifying Treatment helped lessen inflammation.
Laponie user stories: Hanna & Acne

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Toimiva tuote herkälle akneiholleni.

Miriam Costi
Best solution ever

Works fine against impurities and stress eruptions without drying out sensitive and dry skin. I always order it back again. Just a shame it got more expensive.

Kevyt seerumi

Ihoni tulehdukset ovat hieman rauhoittuneet tuotteen aloituksen jälkeen (noin 3 vk).
Plussaa kevyestä koostumuksesta, sopii meikinkin alle (yksi painallus riittää).

Tea M.
Uusi suosikki on löytynyt!

Ihanan kevyt ja raikastavan tunteen jättävä seerumi! Muutaman viikon käytön jälkeen huomaan ihoni kunnon parantuneen huomattavasti ja näpyt pysyvät aisoissa.

Todellinen ihmetuote!

Minulla on tali-ihottuma koko kasvoissa ja tämä tuote tehoaa siihen tehokkaammin kuin yksikään lääkärin määräämä lääkevoide. On auttanut myös tehokkaasti yhden lääkevoiteen sivuvaikutuksena puhjenneiden aikuisiän akneen. Heti kun huomaan, että seborreani on puhkeamassa ja iho lähtee kuoriutumaan, lisään voidetta ja tämä lopettaa puhkeamisen. Nyt ostin calming serumin lisäksi tehostamaan punoituksen vähentymistä.

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