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NEW: Rich Face Cream

Nourishing moisturiser for dry and very dry skin

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You asked for a more nourishing face cream. So we made one. Please meet the Rich Face Cream!

There are days when your face needs a hug, a blanket and some Barry White. 

Our luxurious, nourishing and hydrating baby is a heartier version of our best-selling Light Face Cream, with almost the same ingredients.

Despite the high oil content (the product's first ingredient is rapeseed oil, not water!) the Rich Face Cream does not leave the skin feeling greasy. Swedish cosmetic-grade rapeseed oil and Fazer's Finnish oat oil produced as a side stream soften and condition skin, classic humectants glycerin and sodium PCA moisturise, and colloidal oatmeal prevents water from evaporating, leaving skin feeling hydrated and nourished.

The Rich Face Cream is great for all skin types in winter, especially dry and very dry skin.

Formulated for sensitive & problem skin. No added fragrance. Vegan & natural ingredients. Developed in our own Helsinki lab & made in Finland. The product carries the Finnish Allergy, Skin & Asthma Federation's Allergy-label.

Ingredients (INCI)

Canola oil, aqua, avena sativa kernel oil, glycerin, sucrose stearate, avena sativa kernel flour, sodium pca, cyamopsis tetragonoloba gum, sodium dehydroacetate, caprylyl glycol, xanthan gum, lactic acid. More info

How to use & tips

  1. Apply Rich Face Cream to cleansed skin morning and night, on its own, after essences and serums, and/or before oils. Adjust amount according to needs. Suitable for under eye area. Goes well over or mixed with other products, or under makeup.
  • Tip 1: Need a soothing boost? Add a few drops of our Calming Serum to the Cream.

Why it works for sensitive & problem skin

•Contains  only 12 ingredients.

•Contains no added fragrance (and no essential oils or floral waters), no alcohol and no fatty alcohols (which can be irritating for sensitive faces in leave on products).

•pH is around 5.5 (healthy skin's own pH is slightly acidic, between 4.8 and 5.5).

•Formulated with a skin-friendly preservative system. This means we've created a unique preservative system for the Cream, to minimise overlap with our other leave-one products, using gentle preservatives. In the Rich Face Cream we've used the salt form of dehydroacetic acic and caprylyl glycol, a well tolerated skin conditioner.    

•The Cream’s mild and non-ionic emulsifier, sucrose stearate, is gentle on sensitive skin and boosts hydration. The Cream is also formulated with just one single emulsifier, which is usually a good choice for sensitive skin. 

•Swedish canola oil is an excellent all-around oil for most skin types, especially for dry and eczema prone skin.

•Finnish oat oil calms irritated skin and leaves skin feeling soft, with a nearly matte finish.

•Plant-based glycerine is a well-tolerated humectant that moisturises and protects skin, repairs skin barrier, slows down water-loss and has antimicrobial properties, and also helps cleanse skin.

•Sodium PCA is a powerful and classic skincare humectant:  it has excellent water-binding capacity and it’s effective in reducing dryness and flakiness.

•Colloidal oatmeal soothes and relieves redness, itching and minor skin irritations, as well as eczema.

• The Rich Face Cream has been rigorously tested by our founder Kristina and chemist Jaana, both of whom have a long history of sensitive and problem skin.

Allergy-labelled by the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. 


Tube made of aluminium, cap made of plastic and outerpack made of cardboard.

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Ingredients close-up

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Emollient and skin conditioning. Sustainably produced, deodorized and purified Swedish canola oil (from rapeseed oil) softens and protects the skin. Canola oil is commonly used in cosmetics and is well-tolerated, skin wise. It is slightly higher in oleic acid (at around 60%), with linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids at a total of just over 30%, making it a good all-around oil for most, and especially for drier and eczema prone skins.


Solvent. Water.


Skin conditioning. Oat kernel oil. This dark golden oil has a nearly 50/50 balance of oleic and linoleic acids. From a skincare point of view, it's an excellent skin softener and has some calming properties too. We source our oat oil from Fazer, a Finnish family-owned, 126-year-old food and food service company, who produce their oil in Finland, using Finnish oats. The Finnish-ness matters because a) the soil in Finland produces outstanding quality oats and b) it is quite rare for an oil producer to have a 100% local supply chain. Markku, who is head of R&D at the oat mill in Lahtis, tells us he has personally eaten all oat products that Fazer makes – including the oil.


Humectant and skin protecting. Technically a sugar alcohol, glycerin is one of the oldest, most common and most versatile humectants used in cosmetics. It moisturises and protects the skin, accelerates skin barrier recovery and has antimicrobial properties, among other things. For our Cream we use vegetable, rapeseed-derived glycerin.


Emulsifying. A non-ionic surfactant sucrose stearate. Based on sucrose and vegetable fatty acids it also boosts skin hydration.


Skin protecting. Colloidal oatmeal. The whole oat grain, including the bran layer, is milled and sieved. This results in a light cream coloured, fine powder. The bran layer of the oat contains a high proportion of natural actives, including oat beta-glucan, avenanthramides, oil and protein, all of which are beneficial for cosmetic use on the skin. A 'colloid' or colloidal suspension is defined as a substance with dispersed insoluble particles suspended throughout. Colloidal oatmeal soothes and relieves redness, itching and minor skin irritations caused by eczema or skin rashes and is monographed by the FDA as a skin protectant. It reduces TEWL (transepidermal waterloss) and effectively forms a physical barrier on the skin surface. The oatmeal we use is made from Finnish oats.


Humectant and skin conditioning. Sodium PCA is a widely used humectant in skincare. Chemically speaking an amino acid derivative, it is the sodium salt of pyroglutamic acid, which in turn is naturally present in human skin, and a part of the so-called NMF (natural moisturizing factor) of the skin. It has excellent moisture-binding capacity. The one we use made by the cyclization of beetroot derived L-glutamic acid. The sodium hydroxide used in the process is synthetic.


Thickening, gel forming and emulsion stabilising. Guar gum. A natural thickener extracted from the guar plant. Gives the Rich Face Cream its smooth finish and great spreadability.


Preservative. Sodium dehydroacetate is the sodium salt of dehydroacetic acid. It is chemically synthesized through a multi-step reaction, starting with acetylene. Although it is not plant derived, it is approved by natural certification institutes such as COSMOS and the Soil Association, thanks to its mildness on the skin and body as well as the absence of any alternative registered (approved) natural preservatives under the EU’s cosmetic regulation.


Skin conditioning and humectant. Caprylyl Glycol is a humectant that can also boost or aid the preservation of cosmetic formulations. In our Rich Face Cream it functions as a preservative together with sodium dehydroacetate.


Thickening, gel forming and emulsion stabilising. A natural and commonly used mainly thickener and gelling agent in cosmetics, xanthan gum is a polysaccharide produced through Bacterial fermentation of pure culture Xanthomonas Campestris with protein and carbohydrate sources, in this case from soy or corn. In the Rich Face Cream, it is combined with guar gum for a ruch yet non-greasy feel.


Buffering and skin conditioning. Lactic acid is a widely used pH bufferer in skincare.

How to choose the right serum for sensitive and problem skin

From our blog: How to choose the right serum for sensitive and problem skin

Our serums are real multifunctional superheroes for sensitive and problem skin. They’ll sort you out gently and without irritation, whether it’s breakouts, congestion, redness, scars, pigmentation, dullness or uneven skin tone. Use them locally, on your entire face, layer over each other or mix with your other products. Read on for more!

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Riittoisa, imeytyy kasvoille ja sopii kosteutta kaipaavalle iholleni. Ostin toista kertaa tuotteen.


Erinomainen päivävoide herkälle, ikääntyvälle ja pintakuivalle iholleni. Sopii loistavasti myös (mineraali) meikin alle.

Erittäin hyvä tuote POD:sta kärsivälle

Toimii hyvin minun POD iholle. Kokeilin calming serum, Light face ceam ja Rich face cream yhdistelmää ja tilaan tuotteita lisää. Ensimmäiset purkit käytössä ja riittoisia tuntuvat olevan. Yleensä tähän aikaan vaihtelevat säät vaikuttavat ihottumaani niin, että laikkuja tulee naamaan jossain vaiheessa, nyt ei ole tullut. Suosittelen tuotetta lämpimästi kaikille.


Ostin tämän rauhoittavaan seerumiin ihastuttuani, mutta petyin. Voide ei aiheuttanut allergisia reaktioita tai muutakaan huonoa, mutta jäi iholleni tahmaiseksi pinnaksi eikä imeytynyt tuntikausiin. Tuntui, ettei iho voinut hengittää, ja teki mieli pyyhkiä voide pois. Harmi, koska ihoni on niin kosteusköyhä, että kevyemmät voiteet harvoin riittävät.

Tereza Tisoňová
Rich Face Cream

Skvělý krém, s příjemnou strukturou.

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