Laponie User Stories: Netta & Acne

Laponie User Stories: Netta & Acne

Laponie was born out of our founder Kristina’s need to find products for her sensitive and challenging skin, and now our mission is to help you take care of your skin the right way. We recently asked our customers to take part in a three-week-long Laponie test group, in which we created a customised and individual, daily skincare routine to tackle different skin issues and problems. This is Netta’s story about how our products helped her with her sensitive, acne-prone skin.

Netta’s been dealing with acne for more than 15 years. At times, her skin has been in better shape, but in her thirties her acne really exploded again, with inflamed and sore breakouts on her face and neck. Since then, Netta has tried to taje care of her skin, but when her skin has calmed down, it’s felt like the acne’s come back again. Her skin has also reacted to too much or little hydration and looked dull.

“My skin before starting the trial: irritated, reactive and dull with painful breakouts across the face.”

We created a routine for Netta consisting of cleansing, spot treatment and lightly hydrating and nourishing products. In the morning, Netta used our non-foaming Gel Cleanser for cleansing and in the evening our nourishing Oil Cleanser. After this, she applied our purifying and sebum-balancing Clarifying Serum. We instructed Netta to also use our Brightening (Renewing) Serum, once the inflammation was under control. Netta added the Brightening (Renewing) Serum after one week. As a last step, Netta applied our lightly hydrating and nourishing Face Cream.

“After the trial my skin felt amazing – I can’t even find the words for this. All of a sudden, my skin was really soft and smooth, and the tone more even. No more coarseness and dullness, or irritation or redness. Of course, I do get a couple hormonal breakouts in the space of a month, but they aren’t sore or itchy, but ‘calm’ if that’s the word. It’s incredible how a few products got my skin into this shape in three weeks. During the first week, my skin got a bit worse for a while, but after that, it started improving. Treating acne-prone skin is a really long-term thing, but when you find the right products, it’s also really rewarding.”

You’ll find Netta’s routine here: Balancing & Purifying Routine for Oily/Combination Skin, Nourishing Oil Cleanser and Brightening (Renewing) Serum. Check out all individual products here.

Renewing Serum

Treat pigmentation & fine lines with bakuchiol & bisabolol
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Renewing Serum
Your daily routine to tackle oil and breakouts without dryness.
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Contains: Gentle Gel Cleanser, Clarifying Serum & Light Face Cream
Purifying Routine for Oily/Combination Skin
Laponie user stories: Iida & Adult acne

Laponie user stories: Iida & Adult acne

Laponie was created to tackle our founder Kristina's sensitive and problem skin issues, and our mission is to help you sort out your skin.

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