Ingredients: Bisabolol

Ingredients: Bisabolol

Bisabolol is the soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial star in our All-Around Balm. Bisabolol is a commonly used skincare ingredient, and has many perks for sensitive and problem skin.

It's a colorless viscous oil that is the main constituent of German chamomile essential oil. The bisabolol we use is organic, and produced not from chamomille but from the South American Candeia tree, and contains no farnesol, a potential fragrance allergen. 


Soothing & protecting skin balm with Fazer oat oil
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All-Around Balm
SOS care for dry, sensitive skin
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Contains: Balancing Essence Mist, Calming Serum & All-Around Balm
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Anti-irritation Set for Dry Skin
13 ways to use our All-Around Balm

13 ways to use our All-Around Balm

Sometimes you want a product that does it all.

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