Products for: Oily & combination skin

When skin is overly oily or a mix of bit oily and dry, it's usually out of balance. In both cases, try switching to a gentle yet thorough, non-drying cleanser and go for products which are higher on hydration and lower on oil.  

Hot tip: Try our Gentle Gel Cleanser and Face Cream for a minimal and simple routine, and add our Balancing Essence or the Clarifying Serum for to balance stuff out. 

  • Purifying, non-drying gel cleanser
    Regular price 209 SEK
    Sale price 209 SEK
    Gentle Gel Cleanser
  • Hydrating & soothing mist
    Regular price 325 SEK
    Sale price 325 SEK
    Balancing Essence Mist
  • Face Cream

    Moisturising light gel-cream
    Regular price 372 SEK
    Sale price 372 SEK
    Face Cream
  • Impurities & oiliness
    Regular price 453 SEK
    Sale price 453 SEK
    Clarifying Serum
  • Our tip: Great for teenage skin, too!
    Regular price 487 SEK
    Sale price 487 SEK
    (Save 93 kr)
    Contains: Face Cream & Gentle Gel Cleanser
    Simple Set for Oily Skin - Laponie of Scandinavia
  • All you need for sensitive, oily/combination skin
    Regular price 1 299 SEK
    Sale price 1 299 SEK
    (Save 336 kr)
    Contains: All-Around Balm, Face Cream, Face Oil, Balancing Essence Mist & Gentle Gel Cleanser
    Complete Routine for Sensitive & Problem Skin: Oily/Combination Skin
  • Double cleanse without irritation
    Regular price 348 SEK
    Sale price 348 SEK
    (Save 70 kr)
    Contains: Gentle Gel Cleanser & Mild Milk Cleanser
    Double Cleanse Set - Laponie of Scandinavia
  • Oily skin SOS to hydrate and soothe - without clogging
    Regular price 638 SEK
    Sale price 638 SEK
    (Save 139 kr)
    Contains: Calming Serum & Balancing Essence Mist
    Anti-irritation Set for Oily/Combination Skin
  • With Clarifying Serum & Face Cream
    Regular price 673 SEK
    Sale price 673 SEK
    (Save 151 kr)
    Contains: Clarifying Serum & Face Cream
    Skin Purifying & Hydrating Set
  • With Gel Cleanser, Clarifying Treatment serum & Face Cream
    Regular price 835 SEK
    Sale price 835 SEK
    (Save 197 kr)
    Contains: Face Cream, Clarifying Serum & Gentle Gel Cleanser
    Balancing & Purifying Routine for Oily/Combination Skin