Iida & Adult acne

Iida & Adult acne

Laponie was created to tackle our founder Kristina's sensitive and problem skin issues, and our mission is to help you sort out your skin. We asked our customers to tell us their stories, and how our products have helped them. Here's Iida's story about how our products helped her deal with adult acne (and POD).

"I noticed on Instagram that you were looking for user stories. For a long time, I debated whether I would dare to send in my own. Then I told myself that these things need to be talked about, so that someone else struggling with their skin can get tips and, above all, I feel it’s important that the shame associated with skin problems is dispelled. So, I'm not going to be ashamed, but tell my story.

I am 25 years and the mother of two small children. I've never ever suffered from any skin problems. I've been ignorant of INCI-lists and my skin has always handled all products well. Until everything changed! In the space of a few months, my face exploded with adult acne. The reasons were probably many and varied: hormonal changes, numerous nights spent awake and stressful everyday life, as well as an unhealthy gut, which was the result of IBS

I went to the doctor who prescribed an antibiotic ointment, but there was no effort to find out more about why my skin was acting up. I decided to choose a different path and use medication as a last resort. I believed there were reasons for my skin acting up, and that that those reasons had to be addressed. I set out to find out how our largest organ, our skin, could do better: what does skin need to do well and what should one avoid. My diet underwent a major overhaul and I really put in an effort with sleep. These things helped, but did not completely fix the situation.

With regard to skincare products, I made mistakes in the beginning: the pharmacy's harsh products for acne skin only made my acne worse, and in addition, my skin became so dry that it was flaking. I continued to "study" the matter. Then I found natural cosmetics, which helped with the acne, but then a new problem appeared: POD (perioral dermatitis). Reddish pimples appeared around my mouth, nose, and eyes. In these areas my skin felt hot and was stinging. At worst, it felt like there were small shards of glass inside the pimples. I had become sensitive to the fragrances and preservatives in the products I had been using, such as essential oils, of which there were several varieties per product! I felt desperate again as I was wondering how I’d ever find products that would work for me and also preferably from a Finnish company. I googled and browsed through online formus. The name Laponie came up several times. I read through the company’s website, and the short and good INCI product lists were an immediate source of joy for me. In addition, the company’s values and the fact it was a Finnish brand made me happy. I decided that I’d give skincare one last try and it was worth it! 

I have used Laponie's products now for approximately two months and I will use Laponie from now on. I didn't even have time to take a picture of my POD, because switching products to Lapon's products helped in such a short time and I no longer have any POD visible to the camera. In the evening, during a more stressful week, some small spots may appear, but after a gentle wash and a good moisturiser, they calm down. I also changed my make-up to acne and POD-friendly mineral make-up, under which Laponie's moisturiser + balm combo works great. 

How happy you can be when you have finally found the right products!"

Thank you, Iida, for your kind words and for sharing your story!

Iida cleared up her skin with our Milk Cleanser (and Gel Cleanser if she’s worn makeup), our Face Cream, and using the All-Around Balm under makeuo and on her lips.

We added the following to her routine: our Balancing Essence, to amp up on hydration and soothe skin, and the Face Oil in the evening, instead of the Face Cream, to really nourish skin, and also help deal with blotchiness – the Oil contains argan and rosehip oil, which are both great for acne-prone skin. We also added our Calming Serum to layer under the Balm in the evenings, to combat any scars from acne and the POD. 

You'll get Iida's basic routine with our Simple Routine for Dry Skin, and the rest of the products we recommend (including the Balm) with our Anti-irritationSet for Dry Skin.

SOS care for dry, sensitive skin
Regular price 70,56 €
Sale price 70,56 €
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Contains: Balancing Essence Mist, Calming Serum & All-Around Balm
Allergy label
Anti-irritation Set for Dry Skin
Great for POD and rosacea!
Regular price 40,33 €
Sale price 40,33 €
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Contains: Mild Milk Cleanser & Light Face Cream
Allergy label
Simple Routine for Dry/Combination Skin
Hanna & Acne

Hanna & Acne

Laponie was created to tackle our founder Kristina's sensitive and problem skin issues, and our mission is to help you sort out your skin.

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