Laponie user storier: Iida's update on adult acne and 3 years of Laponie

Laponie user storier: Iida's update on adult acne and 3 years of Laponie

A few years back, Iida took part in our skin story project to share her skinjourney with adult acne. Recently, she contacted us to let us know how her skin was doing.


"As a satisfied customer I wanted to send you an email customer -  I realised that I have been using Laponi products for almost three years now! Every day I feel grateful that your products have been developed and that they, on top of all that, are manufactured in Finland.

I participated in your skin story project in the spring of 2021, and I thought it would be nice to give you an update on where I’m ate woth my skin. There hasn't been any sign of POD (perioral dermtaitis) since then, and my acne is on/off (mainly due to hormonal reasons). During these years, your product range has expanded wonderfully and I have found new favorites in my skin care routine. 

In the mornings, I clean my (still acne-prone skin) with the Gentle Gel Cleanser, followed by the Essence Mist, and, right after that, a small, pea-sized amount of the 2-in-1 Hydrating Face Mask & Cream on damp skin, over which my mineral makeup blends really beautifully and glowy. 

If I've had makeup on during the day, I do a double cleanse in the evenings, starting with the Nourishing Oil Cleanser  followed by the Gel. If I’ve had no makeup, the Gel alone is enough. After cleansing, I apply the Essence again, and after that the Calming serum. I lock in the moisture with the Softening Face Oil, dab some  All-around Balm on the lips and any acne scars as needed. I use the Cleansing & Balancing Face Mask about once a week.

To support skin realism, below is also a completely makeup-free and filter-free photo.

Again, a warm thank you for the work you do!"


Intensively moisturising face mask & face cream
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2-in-1 Hydrating Face Mask & Cream
Hydrating & soothing mist with Ectoin
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Balancing Essence Mist
Laponie user stories: Iida & Adult acne

Laponie user stories: Iida & Adult acne

Laponie was created to tackle our founder Kristina's sensitive and problem skin issues, and our mission is to help you sort out your skin.

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