Laponie user stories: Hanna & Acne

Laponie user stories: Hanna & Acne

Laponie was created to tackle our founder Kristina's sensitive and problem skin issues, and our mission is to help you sort out your skin. We asked our customers to tell us their stories, and how our products have helped them. Here's Hanna's skin story about acne and how our Clarifying Treatment helped lessen inflammation.

"My first major skin problem was perioral dermatitis, POD, that broke out during my pregnancy. That’s when I woke up to the so-called chemical load in cosmetics and how it can affect both me and the environment. I switched almost all my products to natural cosmetics and I started researching and studying INCIs. My skin settled within a few months and POD hasn't bothered me since.

Last fall, however, I had an outbreak of hormonal acne. That’s when I started to understand what holistic skin care is. I cleaned up my diet, started to appreciate sleep in a whole new way and updated my skincare products to meet my skin's new needs. My skin was much better than fall, but something was still missing. I did so much to take care of my skin (nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, gentle skin care), but it was just still inflamed all over and it was frustrating.

I found Laponie's products and ended up ordering the Clarifying Serum. I got the Gel Cleanser, too, as a gift with purchase, but I decided to start with one product first. The serum was exactly what my skin needed, and with just a few ingredients, which has been one of my criteria since the POD. I've been using the serum less than a couple of weeks and I cannot believe that after starting it, I have not gotten a single deep, painful pimple! Inflammation is visibly reduced. In the picture, the one to the right was taken today, and the one to the left about a month ago (in the condition my skin was before using the serum). Instead of inflammation, my skin now has scars from old impurities. Coincidence or not, I believe this product has really helped because I've changed nothing else. I really look forward to the long term effects of the product. 

I want to thank you for the great products and values with which you operate. At worst, skin problems affect one's desire to face other people and cause self-loathing. I don’t want that for anyone, so you’re really at the heart of it all. Thank you!"

Thank you Hanna for the kind words - we are so happy to be able to help! We created the following treatment package for Hanna: for everyday care we recommend that Hanna use our Gel Cleanser, Balancing Essence and Face Oil, treat scarring with our Repairing & Renewing Set for Sensitive & Problem Skin, and continue treating active acne with the Clarifying Serum.

Treats impurities & oiliness with Ectoin without drying out skin
Regular price 39,31 €
Sale price 39,31 €
Purifying Serum
Great for treating scars and blotchy skin.
Regular price 48,39 €
Sale price 48,39 €
(Save 20%)
Contains: Calming Serum & All-Around Balm
Repairing & Renewing Set for Sensitive & Problem Skin
Meet our founder & CEO Kristina

Meet our founder & CEO Kristina

Kristina Pentti is the founder and CEO of Laponie of Scandinavia.

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