Sensitive and problem skin routine update: Summer

Sensitive and problem skin routine update: Summer

Those of us who battle sensitive, problem and reactive skin know the impact of weather. Be it warm, cold, windy, humid or dry, the elements often play a role in how our skins look and feel. We sat down with experienced etshetician and trainer Jessica to hear more about how summer in particular affects finicky faces. Read more!

For sensitive and problem skin, all seasons bring their own challenges. What is specific for summertime?

In summertime the air is more humid which causes an increase in sweat and sebum flow. This can cause irritation/redness and itchiness, and make sensitive skin even more reactive to external irritants. Sensitive skin is also at higher risk for sun damage.

What are your top tips for caring for sensitive and problem skin during summer?

Use a broad-spectrum SPF every day, and avoid filters known to cause irritation - physical filters are usually better tolerated than chemical ones. Remember, SPF in your foundation is not enough. Also remember to stay hydrated, avoid direct sunlight and use a gentle cleansing product to take off sunscreen, sweat and dirt.

What type of products are suitable for sensitive and problem skin in summertime?

I recommend a gentle cleanser and a soothing toner or serum. Also, don’t forget to oil up! A common myth is that face oils are not suitable for sensitive skin or skin that is prone to break-outs. The truth is, all skin types benefit from a suitable oil to balance sebum flow and maintain a healthy acid mantle (the skin's protective barrier). Always pair your oil with a hydrating product – oil in itself is not a humectant. Hydrating masks, as sheets or e.g. gels, are also a nice quick fix.

What’s the biggest don’t for sensitive and problem skin in summer?

During vacation time we often skip foundation and make-up, which does not mean skipping cleansing the skin! Also sensitive skin needs professional care like any other skin. My go to is enzyme therapy, which strengthens skin.
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Sunscreen ABC for sensitive and problem skin

Sunscreen ABC for sensitive and problem skin

Summer is upon us - and so are those equally lovely and pesky rays of light.

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