Sensitive and problem skin routine update: Fall

Sensitive and problem skin routine update: Fall

It's time to update your skincare routine for fall. The weather is changing and so should your skincare routine. The windier, slightly cooler weather your skin gets exposed to in the fall calls for some extra care. We caught up with seasoned skin therapist Jessica Delst at Kuulas Helsinki and asked her what happens in the skin when the temperature drops and how we should adjust our skincare routines as the season changes.


For sensitive and problem skin, when going into fall, wind and humidity along with increasingly cooler temperatures are key issues to tackle. The change in temperature between summer and fall, going from warm to cold, humid to dry (or depending where you live, to cold and damp) is often much more challenging for skin than between spring and summer. Keep in mind that it is not only the outside temperatures that vary. Moving between heated, dry indoor air and the cold air outside is the main cause for dehydrated skin during the colder months. On top of this, office air conditioning can also cause reactivity and dryness in skin.



Switch to a more nourishing cleanser, like our Milk Cleanser or Oil Cleanser, to combat dryness and tightness.

Then, amp up on hydration, with our Balancing Essence Mist, or Calming Serum. Both contain gentle but effective humectants. If your skin react to wind and you suffer from redness and irritation, the Calming Serum is the SOS product to reach for. It effectively soothes and repairs and takes down bumps.  

Finally, check your oil-based products. You may not need to go higher on oils just yet, but adding a mask a couple times a week is a great fall skin booster. We of course love our Hydrating Face Mask & Cream. Apply a thick-ish layer to clean skin, let sit for 10 minutes and the rinse or wipe off.


Both children and adult skins are affected by climatic and seasonal changes. Skin conditions like rosacea, different types of dermatitis and excema typically do not like climate changes and skin can get extra reactive.

Air humidity levels drop when the weather cools down and many experience red cheeks. During the colder months you are also more likely to experience dryness and flakiness due to so called trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), that is a major factor responsible for dry skin in a colder, drier climate. The water loss can be slowed down with oil-based products that helps lock in moisture in your skin - but do remember to use a hydrating product, like an essence or serum. An oil is not a humectant, i.e. does not possess hydrating properties on its own.

Last, remember to hydrate and nourish from the inside! Plenty of water and essential fatty acids are key all year round.

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