Welcome to the Laponie lab

Welcome to the Laponie lab

If you take the metro West from central Helsinki, you’ll eventually reach Otaniemi. Here’s where Laponie’s lab is located. It’s a delightfully retro space, where our chemist Jaana and founder Kristina work their magic. Every Laponie product is developed right here, in our own lab. For a skincare start-up having an in-house lab is quite rare. However, we always knew we needed and wanted ours. Why?

We’re an R&D lead company. Instead of using ingredients just because they’re e.g. trendy, we want to develop formulations that actually work - and work for sensitive and problem skin. For us, that means doing a lot of research, testing formulations and playing with ingredients until we find solutions that are effective.

Having our own lab gives us the freedom to do this kind of long-haul work. We get to take time to perfect our products - and that’s exactly what we do. Behind each Laponie product there’s years of work and hundreds of formulations.

It all comes down to this: our lab gives us the place to do what we’re passionate about. We don’t just play around with ingredients because we feel that we should; we do it because it’s something we love. With Kristina’s and Jaana’s history of sensitive and problem skin, we want to find solutions that will help others who now share those struggles. So it’s not just business - it’s personal. Which is why Kristina and Jaana test everything they make in the lab on themselves.

Our lab ladies love formulating and product development so much that they often try out ingredients even if they’re not planning on using them. Kristina is “obsessed with humectants” while Jaana’s favourites are emulsifiers - “"I’m even writing about them as a part of my PhD project".

One more awesome thing about our lab: we have the coolest neighbours! We’re not the only lab or start-up in the building, which means we get to share the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life with others.   

“At the end of the day, the best thing about the lab is the freedom it gives me,” Jaana says. “I get free reign to play around with ingredients. There are products I’ve created that have not even seen the light of day - at least, not yet.”

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Meet our chemist Jaana

Meet our chemist Jaana

Cosmetic chemist Jaana Ailus is Head of R&D at Laponie of Scandinavia and the one in charge of product development in our laboratory in Otaniemi, Finland.

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