Products for: Oily skin

When skin produces an excessive amount of oil, it's usually a bit out of whack. To rebalance, go for a gentle cleanser, amp up on hydration, use a purifying (but non-drying) serum and then add the right kind of oils to keep skin in check.

Fun fact: you often hear that oily skin should avoid oil. Not true. All skin's need oil, but it needs to be the right kind. Read more about oils in skincare here.

We picked our favourite products for oily skin below. 

  • Purifying, non-drying gel cleanser
    Regular price 209 SEK
    Sale price 209 SEK
    Gentle Gel Cleanser
  • Hydrating & soothing mist
    Regular price 325 SEK
    Sale price 325 SEK
    Balancing Essence Mist
  • Hydrating & soothing essence
    Regular price 487 SEK
    Sale price 487 SEK
    Balancing Essence Refill
  • Face Cream

    Moisturising light gel-cream
    Regular price 372 SEK
    Sale price 372 SEK
    Face Cream