Ingredients: Rhamnose

Ingredients: Rhamnose

What brings that soothing punch to our Calming Serum? A cocktail of three: madecassoside, ectoin and last, but not least, something called rhamnose. Let’s take a look at what rhamnose is and why it’s wonderful for battling irritated and inflamed skin – while decreasing fine lines.


Rhamnose is a plant-based sugar, which is relatively rare in nature but can be found in e.g. seabuckthorn, birch trees and certain micro-algae. 

It has hydrating, anti-inflammatory, skin soothing and skin rejuvenating properties. Both in-vitro (e.g. tests in a petri dish) and in-vivo (tests on living things) studies have shown that that cell cultures treated with rhamnose and other similar compounds produced fewer aging byproducts. Rhamnose causes a series of reactions at all levels of the skin, improving the appearance of wrinkles and boosting the skin’s firmness. Compared to e.g. vitamin C, rhamnose has a broader effect and works on more of the skin’s molecules.

Fun fact: We get our rhamnose directly from our lab-neighbour Juho and his amazing company which specialises in natural specialty carbohydrates.

You'll find rhamnose in our soothing and repairing Calming Serum and intesively moisturising Hydrating Face Mask & Cream.

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