Party prep for sensitive & problem skin

Party prep for sensitive & problem skin

It's not always easy to go glam when your skin reacts to everything and anything. That's why we put together a quick guide to party prepping using our products. Check out our best prep tips in our blog!

Gentle facial exfoliation and skin freshener

Gently exfoliate skin by applying a thick-ish layer of our Gel Cleanser to clean skin. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then wash off with warm water. The combination of xylitol and the plant-based solubilisers we use in the cleanser work as a light exfoliant. Your skin will feel soft and hydrated. 

Quick manicure

Let your hands sit in warm water for a few minutes to soften the skin. Dry your hands and massage your cuticles with a generous amount of All-Around Balm and then gently push them back. Go natural or apply your favourite nail polish. Combiner the balm and our Face Oil with some Balancing Essence for a nourishing but non-greasy hand lotion to give extra softness and glow to your hands.

Glowy cheeks

For a subtle glow, pat a small amount of All-Around Balm over your blusher to give cheeks a natural sheen. If you're using mineral blush, you can mix a tiny bit of the blush with the balm into a uniform paste to create lip and cheek colour to suit sensitive and problem skin.

If glitter is your thing, get your full on glow with glitters. Our All-Around Balm is great for keeping it in place, anywhere. Please opt for biodegradable glitter.

Prime skin

Our Face Cream is an excellent makeup base/primer for sensitive and problem skin. It contains no alcohol, silicones or potentially skin-clogging polymers. Instead you'll get a slightly blurred effect thanks to colloidal oatmeal and poppyseed oil. Use the Cream as a final layer before applying makeup. Remember to let the Cream absorb properly before getting your glam on! Skin on the drier side? Use our Hydrating Face Mask as you would a face cream, for a richer feel. 

Set makeup

Our balancing, hydrating and soothing Balancing Essence is great for setting makeup. Finish off your party look by gently spritzing your face and let dry. Our tip: Our spray bottle is sometimes heavy on the spritz, so keep the bottle at some 20 cm from your face when spraying. 

Boost tired skin

Rough celebrations? Apply a thick-ish layer of our Hydrating Face Mask to clean skin, let sit for 10 minutes and then tissue or wash off. Follow with a layer our Calming Serum under the All-Around Balm for an overnight face mask to replenish your tired skin - the Treatment soothes, repairs and hydrates, while the Balm softens and also fights irritation. Alternatively, simply apply a generous layer of All-Around Balm over any moisturiser, hydrating toner or serum.

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