Laponie carries the Allergy Label

Laponie carries the Allergy Label

Something for all of you fellow sensitive and problem skinned friends out there: Laponie proudly carries he Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation's Allergy Label for all its products! Read on for why the Allergy Label matters to us – and to you.

What is the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation and what is the Allergy Label?

Founded in 1969, the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation is a nationwide health organisation promoting the quality of life and social rights of individuals with allergies, asthma and various skin diseases.

The Allergy Label is granted by the Federation to products and services on the basis of impartial testing by external experts and researchers. 

What are the criteria for the Allergy Label? 

The Allergy Label’s criteria are established in consultation with external experts and researchers working for impartial testing bodies. The criteria for a given product group are constantly reviewed, as each round of testing is conducted on the basis of the latest information and medical statistics. 

For skincare, products cannot contain fragrances, must contain no ingredients or constituents generally causing sensitisation or irritation, or content levels of these likely to have this effect, plant ingredients sourced from the Compositae (daisy) family and prohibited substances. In addition, used raw materials must be pure and of high quality, with quality certificates to be provided where required. 

What does the Allergy Label mean for you as a consumer?

If you have sensitive or problem skin, the Allergy Label tells you that the product or service in question fulfils independent allergy criteria. The Label helps consumers choose products that will not in general irritate or sensitise skin, cause respiratory issues or trigger symptoms of fragrance sensitivity. 

What does the Allergy Label mean for us?

As you may know, we’re all about sensitive and problem, including allergic and reactive, skin, and getting outside, expert validation for our products means that it’s not just we who like using our stuff on our sensitive faces.

We’re so happy, proud and honoured to be recognised in this manner. Creating vegan and plant-based skincare that adheres to the Allergy Label’s criteria is not always an easy task, as Niki Malmros, Head of Marketing & Partnerships at the Federation, tells us:

“Laponie offers a wonderful set of products for sensitive and allergic skin. Natural cosmetics sometimes contain ingredients that aren’t suitable for sensitised or irritated skin, and Laponie’s products are formulated without essential oils, floral waters, added fragrances or irritating ingredients. Laponie is an exceptional natural skincare line in that its products don’t contain commonly sensitising or irritating ingredients, adhering to the allergy criteria”.

Read more on the Allergy Label here.

Gentle cleansing oil
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Allergy label
Nourishing Oil Cleanser
The go-to routine for out-of-whack skin that needs re-balancing.
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Contains: Mild Milk Cleanser, Balancing Essence Mist & Softening Face Oil
Allergy label
Re-balancing Routine for Sensitised/Reactive skin
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