How to build your skincare routine for sensitive and problem skin part 1: Cleanse

How to build your skincare routine for sensitive and problem skin part 1: Cleanse

Laponie’s approach to skincare is based on three tried and tested cornerstones: cleanse, treat, i.e. hydrate and care, i.e., nourish and protect. On top of these, your skin may need some targeted care to treat specific issues. To put it simply, you need the right cleanser followed by a product or products containing both hydrating ingredients as well as oils in some form. For specific issues, say dryness or impurities, you can add a mask or a serum. And always remember sunscreen during daytime.

Our tip: When you start building your routine take a look at your skin. What does it need, what does it look or feel like and what possible issue might you need to address? Also think about whether you’re after a simpler or more comprehensive routine. Skincare should also suit your life style.


A good cleanser will take off makeup, dirt, excess sebum and impurities gently but thoroughly, without drying skin out. This means a good cleanser will get skin clean without stripping it of natural oils and disturbing the skin’s protective barrier. The goal of cleansing is clean skin, without a dry or tight feel.

  1. Choose our mild but efficient, oil-based Mild Milk Cleanser if your skin is prone to dryness, it's red, irritated or sensitised.
  2. Choose our gently deep cleansing, non-foaming and oil-free Gentle Gel Cleanser if you have combination or oily skin, or skin prone to congestion and impurities.
  3. Choose our Nourishing Oil Cleanser for very dry skin or congested skin. It's also great as a first cleanser for either the Milk or Gel. 

You can also alternate with different cleansers if your skin sometimes need a deeper cleanse (e.g., in the evening) or if your skin’s needs vary from day to day.

The short version 

Healthy skin is clean, and always needs hydration, nourishment and protection. So 1) pick your cleanser, 2) pick your hydrating product and 3) pick your oil-based product OR after cleansing pick one product containing both humectants and oils. Easy peasy. 

We’ve put together some example routines here and if you want more info about using our individual products, check out this blog post. If you need help with picking a serum to treat specific skin issues, check out this blog post.    

If you need help with your routine, drop us a line at or via Instagram or Facebook.        

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Viivi & Reactive skin

Viivi & Reactive skin

Laponie was created to tackle our founder Kristina's sensitive and problem skin issues, and our mission is to help you sort out your skin.

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