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Ingredients: Argan oil

All hail argania spinosa! If you’ve tried our Face Oil and All-Around Balm, you’ve likely noticed that we are fans of argan oil. It's the base for both these products. Argan's been a skin and hair care superstar for many years now, but for us, it also boils down to some serious personal love - as our founder and CEO Kristina is fond of saying, nothing in terms of skincare impacted her finicky skin as much as switching her regular face cream to argan oil.

Argan oil, or argania spinosa kernel oil, functions as an emollient and skin conditioning ingredient in skincare. It’s pressed from the non-roasted kernels of Moroccan argan nuts, from the argan tree, has a light, yellow colour and has a rather light feel on skin. 

Argan oil has been used in skincare in Morocco for thousands of years, as well as for hair, nails and bodycare. It's number skincare quality is its repairing property. It also protects and strengthens skin. Argan oil absorbs well, and thanks to its composition is usually suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive, oily and even acne-prone. It is slightly higher in oleic acid (at 45%), but will still work for clog-prone skin as it contains 35% linoleic acid and lupeol, a triterpenoid with anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Argan is a bit of a do-it-all-oil for us, but one thing it doesn’t do is hydrate skin – oils as such have the ability to condition skin and prevent water-loss, but they cannot attract or bind water in skin. That’s why it is extremely important to always use a hydrating product together with any oil. This can be a hydrating toner, such as our Face Toner, a serum containing humectants, like our Calming or Clarifying Treatment, or a moisturiser with hydrating ingredients,  such as our Face Cream.


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