Sensitive and problem skin routine update: Winter

Sensitive and problem skin routine update: Winter

When dressing for cold weather, you layer your clothes, starting with light and thin closest to the body and the work your way up to heavier garments. The same goes for skincare - start with the lightest products and layer on products with a heavier consistency. This is especially useful for sensitive and problem skin when cold weather hits. Read more!

During the cold winter months the air humidity levels drop and your skin feels dry. What you're experiencing is an increase in TEWL, transepidermal waterloss. This process can be slowed down with the right products to help lock in the moisture in your skin and avoid itchiness and redness. Here are our top tips for layering winter skincare when dealing with sensitive or problem skin. In general dry skin will need more oils, while oily and combination skin that may be out of whack due to dehydration may need to go higher on hydrating (i.e. humectant-rich) products.  


Firstly, opt for a more gentle cleanser that both cleanses and restores skin. Our mild Milk Cleanser is made with nourishing canola oil and conditioning xylitol to gently cleanse your skin, leaving it feeling both fresh and comfortable. Bonus: the Milk can be used for waterless cleansing. Apply to dry skin and tissue or wipe off with a cotton pad.

Our nourishing and deeply cleansing oil is gentle on your skin. The Oil Cleanser is the perfect way to start your day or really take the day off - without disturbing your skin's barrier. Skin is left feeling clean and soft.


Start your layering by adding hydration to your skin. Our Balancing Essence balances, hydrates, soothes and conditions with multitasking, natural ectoin, smoothing sea kelp and calming liquorice root.

If your face is super irritated, reach for our hydrating and soothing Calming Serum instead, with 1.5% repairing madecassoside. Like the Essence it's oil-free, but in a thicker base.


Now it's time to reach for a cream. For those with oilier faces, we recommend our Face Cream, which is a light gel-cream, with plant-derived humectants glycerin and sodium PCA to quench thirsty skin and colloidal oatmeal to prevent the water loss we mentioned before. It also contains canola, oat and poppy seed oils, to protect and soften skin.

For those with drier skin, our Hydrating Face Mask & Cream with rhamnose sugar and sunflower seed oil doubles as a richer version of the Face Cream. Simply slather on like you would a moisturiser.

If your face is really feeling the cold, next up are our pure oil products: the Face Oil and the All-Around Balm. The Oil is an easily absorbed mixture of repairing argan oil, softening oat oil, soothing raspberry oil and regenerating rosehip oil to leave skin feeling soft and nourished. It's suitably for all skin types, due to its balanced fatty acid profile. If you have oilier skin, simply use just a few drops. You can layer the Oil directly over any hydrating product, like our Essence, or over any product containing both humectants and oils, like the Face Cream.

Finish your layering with our waterless, conditioning and protective multi-purpose All-Around Balm, which is made from repairing argan oil and softening oat oil, with bisabolol to soothe and heal. It's great as a cold weather cream but also to for treating rough and irritated skin. Always remember to use a hydrating product under, as the Balm is 100% oil-based and oils cannot attract water and as such moisturise skin. 

The go-to routine for out-of-whack skin that needs re-balancing.
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Contains: Mild Milk Cleanser, Balancing Essence Mist & Softening Face Oil
Re-balancing Routine for Sensitised/Reactive skin
Everything you need for dry/combo sensitive skin, every day.
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Contains: Mild Milk Cleanser, Balancing Essence Mist, Light Face Cream, Softening Face Oil & All-Around Balm
Total Routine for Dry/Combination Sensitive & Problem Skin
The balance between hydration and oil in skincare

The balance between hydration and oil in skincare

We often get asked what a basic skincare routine should look like.

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