Just on time for summer and vacay we get to introduce you to our new babies: the Bodies!

Our Body Cleanser gently cleanses without disturbing the skin barrier and our Body Cream leaves skin soft and hydrated, without a greasy feel. As usual, they contain no added fragrance, sulphates, essential oils, floral waters or alcohol, and carry the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation's Allergy-label.

Our tip: Pack light - the Bodies are great for the whole family! 

  • Cleansing emulsion for sensitive and dry skin
    Regular price 17,14 €
    Sale price 17,14 €
    Allergy label
    NEW: Body Cleanser
  • Hydrating body cream for dry & sensitive skin
    Regular price 25,20 €
    Sale price 25,20 €
    Allergy label
    NEW: Body Cream
  • The best body combo for sensitive and probem skin!
    Regular price 33,26 €
    Sale price 33,26 €
    (Save 20%)
    Contains: NEW: Body Cleanser & NEW: Body Cream
    Allergy label
    NEW: Body Cleanser & Cream Set
  • Deeply hydrating and nourishing hand cream
    Regular price 16,13 €
    Sale price 16,13 €
    Allergy label
    Hand Cream Concentrate