Päivi & POD

Päivi & POD

Laponie was created to tackle our founder Kristina's sensitive and problem skin issues, and our mission is to help you sort out your skin. We asked our customers to tell us their stories, and how our products have helped them. Here's Päivi's skin story about perioral dermatitis, POD, and how our our products helped Päivi get her skin back.

"I unexpectedly broke out in perioral dermatitis, POD, in late 2019. My skin has always been good, and tolerated all kinds of ingredients, and been really easy to care for. The POD was a shock. I went to see a therapist, who was specialised in treatments for this one particular brand. I’d heard a lot of good about that line, and was happy to try out their products. Nothing happened. I persistently used the products, and was in touch with the therapist often and we’d switch and take out products. But nothing

I read a lot on the subject, and thought I would still give some other products a chance before going to the dermatologist. I came across Laponie’s products and read a lot about the experiences of others with the brand etc.

I messaged your customer service about which products would suit my skin and got product recommendations. I ordered everything. Already a few weeks later my skin was doing better, the POD had calmed down and the red spots little by little had began to fade. I couldn’t believe it when I started seeing my own, familiar face in the mirror again.

I currently use the Milk Cleanser, a wonderfully gentle cleanser, which nonetheless also gets my makeup off, the Balancing Essence to hydrate and the Face Cream on top. I dared to buy the Face Oil for winter, which I add to the Cream when the skin is dry. And has worked, by the way – no sight of the POD. I spot treat with the Calming Serum, which is an absolutely great product. In the beginning when I suffered from POD, the Calming Serum was in frequent use and this product alone would probably have restored my face.

I can only say that less is more, both in in routines and ingredients. Thank you for saving my skin and self-esteem. And thank you for the wonderful and fast customer service when I needed it."

Thanks so much for sharing and for the kind words, Päivi. We’re so very happy to help out!

We created the following treatment package for Päivi: For daily care, we recommend the Milk Cleanser, Balancing Essence and Face Cream. For dry days, we recommend adding the Face Oil, either mixed into the Face Cream, or over it. If skin gets irritated again, the Calming Serum is the go-to product. It’s also great for fading any blotches or scars left by the POD, when layered under the All-Around Balm.

Check out our webshop for routines and sets containing these products! You'll get Päivi's treatment package by combining our Simple Routine for Dry Skin with the Hydrating & Nourishing Set with Essence & Oil for Sensitised/Reactive Skin
and adding our Repairing & Renewing Set for Sensitive & Problem Skin.

Hate face creams? Try this combo instead!
Regular price 58,46 €
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Contains: Balancing Essence Mist & Softening Face Oil
Allergy label
Hydrating & Nourishing Set for Sensitised/reactive Skin
Great for POD and rosacea!
Regular price 40,33 €
Sale price 40,33 €
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Contains: Mild Milk Cleanser & Light Face Cream
Allergy label
Simple Routine for Dry/Combination Skin
Dr Schröder: Perioral dermatitis (POD) 101

Dr Schröder: Perioral dermatitis (POD) 101

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