13 ways to use our 2-in-1 Hydrating Face Mask & Cream

13 ways to use our 2-in-1 Hydrating Face Mask & Cream

Our light but nourishing 2-in-1 Hydrating Face Mask & Cream, gives sensitive and problem skin an intensive hydrating kick. We’ve packed it with vegan and plant-based ingredients specifically selected to pamper sensitive and reactive skin, leaving it feeling hydrated, nourished, and soft. As with so many of our other products, the Mask is a skincare multitasker – use it as you would a traditional face mask, as a richer moisturiser or even as body care to spot treat rough patches. Read on for our favourite ways to use the Mask.

Our simple and paired back 2-in-1 Hydrating Face Mask & Cream is a treat for especially surface dry, dry and very dry skin. The mask is also excellent for ageing and damaged skin (think barrier repair!), as we’ve formulated it with skin rejuvenating rhamnose sugar.

The Mask contains just 10 ingredients, and is formulated without added fragrance and fatty alcohols. 

Sunflower oil is good for especially dry and surface dry skin. It’s naturally high in vitamin E, and has a high linoleic acid content, giving it skin barrier balancing and strengthening properties.

Plant-based glycerine is a widely used skincare humectant which also protects skin. Among other things it slows down trans-epidermal water-loss (TEWL) and has anti-microbial properties. Glycerine is a sensitive skin favourite – even at 20% there are no adverse effects on atopic dry skin.

Rhamnose sugar has hydrating, anti-inflammatory, soothing and rejuvenating properties. Both in-vitro studies (i.e., studies carried out in a petri dish) and in-vivo studies (i.e., studies carried out on human skin) also show rhamnose to decrease signs of aging.

Glycine soja seed extract (non-GMO) is our gentle emulsifier, while slowing down TEWL and soothing skin.

Here’s how we love to use the Mask:

1. As an intensively hydrating face mask

Dry and tight skin? Use the Mask 1-3 times a week as part of your skincare routine: apply a mid-thick layer to clean skin, let sit for up to 15 minutes and wash or tissue off (our re-usable face pads are great for this). Finish off by applying Face Cream and Face Oil, to really amp up on hydration and care.

2. As a leave-on sleep mask

Feel like there’s no time for masking? Don’t worry – you can use our Mask while you sleep: 1) Apply you regular PM skincare routine, 2) apply a small amount of the Mask to your face and let it absorb, 3) let the Mask go to work over-night (try sleeping on your back) and 4) cleanse your face in the morning as you normally would and apply your regular AM routine.

3. As a rich and hydrating face cream

The Mask also doubles as an intensively hydrating and nourishing moisturiser. Simply use instead of and as you would a face crem. Works mornings and evenings and is suitable for the under-eye area.

4. Combine with our Calming Serum for soothing care

Combine the Hydrating Face Mask with our hydrating, soothing and repairing Calming gel-serum. Calming Serum to amp up on calming skincare.

5. Under make-up to prep dehydrated and dry skin

Does your foundation sometimes look uneven or flaky? This could be a sign of skin being dry rather than your foundation caking. Worry not, the Mask is also a brilliant nourishing primer. Just pat in a small amount of the Mask onto skin and let absorb before applying foundation.

6. As a simple routine for very dry and rough skin

Pair the Mask with our Milk Cleanser for a gentle, deeply hydrating, and minimalistic skincare routine. Cleanse face with the Milk AM and PM and then apply a thin layer of the Mask as you would a face cream. For a truly hydrating and nourishing boost apply a thicker layer of the Mask and let it sit 10-15 minutes, and then tissue off any excess.

7. As sensitive skin winter care

During the colder and drier months sensitive skin will often need added hydration and nourishment. Our favourite product trio for tackling winter skin consists of our hydrating and soothing Balancing Essence, followed by our Hydrating Face Mask and finally our Face Oil. How to: 1) Spritz Toner onto clean skin, 2) gently pat in a small amount of the Mask and 3) seal it all in by patting in a couple of drops of Oil. Winter skin no more!

8. As a hand and foot cream

Dry and rough hands and feet? The Mask works wonders as a hand and foot cream – just apply a thin layer and let absorb.

9. As a hand and foot mask

Those dry and rough hands and feet need even more care? Apply a thicker layer of the Mask, let sit for 10-30 minutes, and tissue (don’t rinse) off. For an overnight treat, put on clean cotton socks and gloves and let the Mask work while you sleep.

10. To spot treat dry skin on your body

The Mask can also be used to spot treat dry skin on your body. Just apply to any dry and rough patches, like elbows and knees, and let absorb.

11. To tame frizzy hair

Take on frizz and coarse hair by applying a tiny amount of the Mask to hair ends – it’s light enough to smooth ends without weighing down hair.

12. After make-up

If your skin looks dry or rough post-foundation, pat in a small amount of the Mask over your foundation to diminish the look of flakes.

Natural glow? Pat a small amount of Hydrating Face Mask over your blusher to give cheeks a natural sheen.

13. As a base for self tanning drops

The Mask works great as a base for self tanning drops.

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