How to build your skincare routine for sensitive and problem skin part 3: Nourish & protect

How to build your skincare routine for sensitive and problem skin part 3: Nourish & protect

Laponie’s approach to skincare is based on three tried and tested cornerstones: cleanse, treat, i.e. hydrate, and care, i.e., nourish and protect. On top of these, your skin may need some targeted care to treat specific issues. To put it simply, you need the right cleanser followed by a product or products containing both hydrating ingredients as well as oils in some form. For specific issues, say dryness or impurities, you can add a mask or a serum. And always remember sunscreen during daytime.

Our tip: When you start building your routine take a look at your skin. What does it need, what does it look or feel like and what possible issue might you need to address? Also think about whether you’re after a simpler or more comprehensive routine. Skincare should also suit your life style.


The last step is to nourish and protect skin, while locking in hydration. This means adding oils in some form. As is the case with humectants, the skin contains natural oils and a lack of these may be visible as dryness and an impaired skin barrier. The purpose of oils is to nourish, protect and soften skin and prevent TEWL, transepidermal waterloss. And this is why adding oils is the third important step of skincare. Always remember that an oil cannot hydrate skin as they cannot bind water, which is why it’s very important to pair a pure oil product with a product containing humectants. 

We get a lot of question about which oil is suitable for e.g., dry skin and which for say acne. Many with oily skin or impurities are also scared of using oils at all. The number one takeaway is that all types of skin need oil in some form. Which oil suits you, is down to the oil’s composition. i.e., its fatty acid profile. Oils high in oleic acid are generally better suited for drier skin, while oils high in linoleic acid usually work well for e.g., acne prone and oily skin. We’ve used both types in our products, to make them work for various skin types and issues and used a lot of times to find an optimal balance. The key here is dose – if your skin is on the oilier side, use a smaller amount of oil-based products.          


If you want to use just one product after cleansing, go for an emulsion, which is basically any kind of cream, a moisturiser, which contains both humectants and oils, i.e., they hydrate, nourish and protect skin in one go. So the bare minimum after cleansing is a moisturiser. You could also combine serum or face oil with your cream, if you need added care.        

  1. If you need a lighter moisturiser, choose our Light Face Cream, which is a light and hydrating gel-cream. It's great for combination and oilier skin, acne-prone skin and for POD and rosacea. 
  2. If you need an in-between product, pick our 2-in-1 Hydrating Face Mask & Cream, and use it as you would a face cream. It's great for dry, surface dry skin and mature skin.
  3. For a truly nourishing treat, pick our Rich Face Cream, which is basically a richer version of our Light Face Cream. The Rich is perfect for dry, very dry and atopic skin (or for cold, dry weather).
  4. Choose our Softening Face Oil if your skin is sensitised and/or reactive, is prone to dryness or dehydration (this can be the case for oily skin, too), or if you need extra care or a softening boost. The Oil paired with our Essence is a great option for sensitised and irritated skin which can’t handle emulsifiers. Always, always use the Softening Face Oil over a hydrating product.
  5. Choose the All-Around Balm if you need a richer product to boost the Softening Face Oil or instead of it. The Balm is a great option especially for very dry and rough skin that has trouble retaining hydration and need a protective layer. The Balm is an excellent cold weather cream and also works well mixed with a few drops of the Oil. As with the Oil, always use the Balm together with a hydrating product.

And you don't have to just choose one! Mix and match as many as you feel like your skin needs.

The short version 

Healthy skin is clean, and always needs hydration, nourishment and protection. So 1) pick your cleanser, 2) pick your hydrating product and 3) pick your oil-based product OR after cleansing pick one product containing both humectants and oils. Easy peasy. 

We’ve put together some example routines here and if you want more info about using our individual products, check out this blog post. If you need help with picking a serum to treat specific skin issues, check out this blog post.    

If you need help with your routine, drop us a line at or via Instagram or Facebook.        

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